Activities for the Operátor trhu s elektřinou (electricity market operator – OTE)

During 1999 -2000 Euroenergy has prepared and managed a public tender for the supplier and operator of the OTE infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

Euroenergy´s role included

  • Creating the bid invitation specification for supplying, operating (10 – years outsourcing) and financing IT system
  • Organizing the tender procedure on behalf of the client
  • Selecting the best bid including economic analysis

Euroenergy proposed the basic business-financial terms and relations between subjects active in the newly established, liberalized electricity market in the Czech Republic and ensured implementation of these terms between actual parties.

Euroenergy´s role included

  • Proposal and preparation of contractual documentation
  • Determination of business principles regarding terms between the electricity market participants
  • Formulating financial settlement principles

Euroenergy managed the project implementation on behalf of the client, from selection of the winning bid in the tender, followed by preparing the contractual documentation, through testing and project commissioning. Euroenergy´s role included full scale project management including all project phases, i.e. from the preparation to project hand-over and acceptance

In the following years until today Euroenergy is still actively involved in the development of OTE, a.s. including expanding its competence in the field of gas.