Study on long-term provision of heat supply to consumers in town Pilsen

The objective of this study carried out in 2016 for Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s. was to provide an outlook in the area of ensuring the balance between heat supply and demand in town Pilsen. Apart from CHP plants, possibilities of district heating networks were considered and, in case of identified imbalance between heat supply and demand, Euroenergy suggested measures for the solution of this situation.

In the part of the study focused on heat consumption, Euroenergy carried out a detailed analysis of historical development and a current state in this area. Also, following anticipated impacts and factors were analysed:

  • Climatic conditions
  • State Energy Policy
  • Territorial Energy Concept of Pilsen
  • Anticipated development in the field of energy efficiency
  • Anticipated development in the field of new and existing consumers

Regarding heat generation, individual CHP plants in the Pilsen’s district heating system were assessed as well as a current state of heating networks. Based on the findings from this area, several variants of possible future development were defined taking into account following impacts and factors:

  • Availability of domestic lignite
  • Tightening emission standards for combustion plants
  • Development of EU ETS (market for emission trading in the EU)
  • Wholesale electricity price
  • Investment and operating subsidies

Scenarios of possible future development in the area of CHP plants and heating networks were, subsequently, combined with anticipated future heat demand. In case of imbalance between heat supply and demand, measures for the solution of this situation were suggested.