National Action Plan for Smart Grids (NAP SG)

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with Euroenergy prepared a National Action Plan for Smart Grids, which corresponds to the priorities of the State Energy Policy.

An expert team was nominated. It consisted of representatives of state institutions, market participants (electricity and gas), and other experts who prepared the necessary analysis and documentation.

Based on these analyses and documents „National Action Plan for Smart Grid (NAP SG)“ was prepared.NAP SG consists of:

  • Current and proposed legislative framework of CZ and EU including proposed key documentation
  • Balance of Czech power system in two scenarios (base case a worst case) and key factors influencing balance
  • Development/trends of other areas of Czech energy sector
  • Czech power system future and its flexibility with integrated new technologies
  • Energy trading model and possible development
  • Current and future model of regulation including tariff structure
  • Time frame – action plan

The implementation and use of intelligent networks in the near future would be an essential part of ensuring reliable operation of the electricity system. Integration of large volumes of electricity from intermittent sources into power system and the expected increase in production in small sources connected to the distribution network is not possible to manage without the introduction of new management systems and smart grids. Consumers also provide a smart grid technology support for increasing the efficiency of energy use, efficient operation of advanced concepts, eg. Smart City and electromobility.