Strategic consultancy in the energy sector

Strategické poradentsví v energetice

Strategic consultancy in the energy sector

Current energy sector has to face new ideas coming from the area of legislation and regulation, and from technical point of view (development of renewable energy sources, electricity storage, electromobility etc.).

Responding to the new conditions and ensuring the adaptation of the corporate strategy to new trends in the energy industry currently puts increasing demands on the management and owners of the entities on the energy market.


Euroenergy provides advisory services in the Czech energy sector, in a comprehensive range of areas of business activities:

  • Strategic and conceptual studies and analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Formulating a vision and strategy
  • Analysing existing processes and new processes design
  • Implementation of reengineering
  • Proposal of organizational structures
  • Creation of business and strategic alliances
  • Solving specific problems related to the fulfilment of short and long term goals and objectives
  • Support in contractual relations
  • Training in project management


Our clients include leading companies in the energy sector and state institutions.


Prague District Heating Company - concept of energy sources development till 2020

The aim of the analysis was to suggest possible directions of development and future concept of resources in Prague district heating system.


Activities for the market operator - OTE

Euroenergy has prepared and managed company strategic development from incorporating of the company till the first ten years of operation incl. public tender for the supplying, operating and financing of the OTE infrastructure in the Czech Republic. Euroenergy proposed the basic business-financial terms and relations between subjects active in the newly established, liberalized electricity market in the Czech Republic and ensured implementation of these terms between actual parties.


Analysis of new instruments in the UK Electricity Market Reform

The analysis was focused on the reform of the UK electricity market (UK Electricity Market Reform), including various reform measures: Carbon Price Floor, Emissions Performance Standard, Contracts for Difference, Capacity Market.