Conventional power engineering

Conventional power engineering

Conventional power engineering

is still one of the main pillars of the Czech power engineering.

Combustion resources are greatly influenced by intensive efforts to decarbonisation and energy efficiency increasing. Existing resources must pass through ecologization, potential new sources must comply with strict operating parameters according to the best available techniques (BAT).

Changing energy sector has also great influence on the operation of these resources. Critical factors are the wholesale electricity price, availability and price of fuel and climate protection policy. For economic efficiency of resource is necessary to carry out continuous cost, operation and maintenance optimization, and discover and implement effective economic measures. With the gradual development of intermittent production demand on conventional resources flexibility increases.

Our company has been involved in strategic consulting focusing on projects of the preparation of new resources, proposals of cost and operating optimization, proposals of existing resources ecologization. We specialize in the area of conceptual design of technical solutions, consulting in the field of public authorization, contract approach, financing, economic analysis and project management and coordination.

Due to our long experience in the project management in the field of conventional power engineering, we are ready to help you at any stage of your project implementation.


  • Project management and coordination
  • Assessment of the project status
  • A comprehensive assessment of the project
  • Cost, operation and maintenance optimization
  • Support during project contracting
  • Preliminary feasibility study and feasibility study processing
  • Support during public hearing (site decision proceeding, construction permit proceeding, EIA, IPPC)
  • Investment strategy
  • Project financing structure proposal including the provision of grant management
  • Support for an investor or funding institutions during the realization
  • Consulting in area of ancillary services providing
  • Support during bidding process


Our clients are companies that prepare or operate conventional resources, and institutions that finance projects of resources reconstruction, development and ecologization.


New coal-fired power station in Hrabák locality

Prefeasibility study of the 660 MW conventional power plant construction project (construction site Hrabák).


New PPC in Počerady

Feasibility study of PPC Počerady.


Ecologization of resource in Planá nad Lužnicí

Ecologization and reconstruction of resource Planá nad Lužnicí - technical adviser during the preparation phase and technical supervision of funding institution during realization.