Legislation and regulation

Legislation and regulation

Legislation and regulation

The basic pillars of the functioning of the various energy sectors are relevant legislation and related regulatory framework.

Each participant in the market (trader, producer, distributor, customer …) has his rights and duties. Exact knowledge of the legislation is so necessary and also provides a competitive advantage.

Our company offers support and consultancy through many years of experience in this field.


Analysis of the legislation of the Czech Republic and the EU in the field of energy and environment

  • Monitoring of legislation development
  • Analysis of the impact of upcoming changes in legislation (impact studies)
  • Client consultations on the proposed legislation, the consultation process
  • Cooperation and support of clients (from the private and public sector including government) in the development of primary and secondary legislation

Consultancy for stakeholders in power engineering affected by regulation

  • Analyses, studies
  • Personal consultation with a client


Our clients are authorities and public administration institutions including affected entities from the private sector.


Cooperation on amendments of the Energy Regulatory Office secondary legislation

Within several projects Euroenergy has provided to the Energy Regulatory Office support and cooperation in the elaboration of amendments of secondary legislation, e.g. of regulation, grid connection, electricity market rules, quality of electricity supply.


Coordination of work on new energy legislation

Within several projects for the Ministry of Industry and Trade Euroenergy was responsible formanagement and coordination of works on new energy legislation.


Risk Impact Analysis of energy laws amendments on energy market

Within project for the Market Operator Euroenergy analysed energy laws in terms of need of amendments of secondary legislation. Furthermore, risk analysis of the amendments impact to the energy sector was performed.